Touch Exit Button

Touch exit button is becoming more and more popular in the market right now, and it becomes a trend.  It has a good, fashionable appearance and the light is changeable, red color and green color. Red color indicates the door is closed, green color indicates the door is open.  The surface is smooth, and it is greatly welcomed by the end-users.

YLI ELECTRONIC can supply different sizes of the touch exit button.  TSK-830 series is glass plate design, which looks with higher technology and with more sensitive touch feelings. This kind of button is widely used in the office buildings. That’s why it is greatly welcomed by the public.

Comparing to the traditional button, the touch exit button is a new-borned product in the market. It is mostly installed in some special occasions. The function is very stable and can be used in the cold and hot temperature. YLI

ELECTRONIC is a reliable manufacturer for such products.