Pinching Sensor

Pinching sensor, named Presence Curtain Sensor as well, is one kind of photoelectric protective device. Its operation principal is that it makes automatic door stop working if some one detected enter or exit through the automatic door. That creates safe access environment. Our pinching sensor has been certified by security test. Pinching sensor works as light projector, which emits light to a certain area(can be adjusted via instruction on its manual), then detect if any moving object enter the area and make automatic door stop working, conserving safety for those human beings or other living things. It is special designed for automatic sliding door to detection and keep safety, high accuracy. Besides, it comes with function of background self-learning mode, which will be triggered once power on. Pinching sensor comes with a feature that it will practise self-correcting mode once influenced by quake, distortion, move, darkness and sunshine etc, which assure the pinching sensor of working durable.

Automatic door relative devices have been widely adopted in commercial area, such as shopping malls, exhibition centers, airports etc. In shopping mall, plenty of automatic doors have been equipped with sliding doors, to this case, we usually install our Pinching Sensor to assure moving human beings’safety. Especially for young children and the elderly, they don’t pass the automatic door quickly, if you don’t equip a pinching sensor with automatic door,some pinching accidents may happen, which can be avoided. Therefore, our pinching sensor becomes popular and necessary in these public places.

All installations should be carried by professional worker. The maintainer and any other object, such as ladder, tool kit must be out of the detection area when pinching sensor is in its self-learning process. The detection area is unidirectional and should be placed toward the moving object to avoid self-induction interference.