Infrared Sensor Exit Button

The Infrared sensor exit button is widely used in the access control field. You can see it in many public places , like hospital. The best advantage for it is contactless feature, which is more safe for everyone . YLI Electronic can offer four different sizes for you, and all are made of 304 stainless steel material.  CE can be provided.

YLI ELECTRONIC can offer a more stable infrared sensor exit button with adjustable detecting distance of 4-10 cm.

The LED light color will change from red to green when you open the door.  The new version is has the function of anti-interference, so you can not open the door by remote control all of a sudden.

The infrared sensor button price is competitive from YLI ELECTRONIC. 1~25S Time delay function is adjustable. Once you used this kind of button, you are not willing to replace it . As one of the top button types, it becomes more and more popular among the end-users.