Infrared Sensor

Release button is one part of our access control accessories in security industry. There are different types of release buttons, such as push button,piezoelectric exit button, touch sensitive sensor, infrared sensor etc. Each of them suits different scene’s requirement. The Infrared Sensor is one of our popular items which is one type of contactless release button.No need to touch it when you want to unlock the door via our infrared sensor. Your movement will be detected by our infrared sensor, which triggers its operation,then door unlocks.

You may see infrared sensor in hospital operating room,drug manufacturing factories,food manufacturing factories,cosmetic production bases etc.These places ask for high level cleanliness, thus less touching on any item should be achieved.Our infrared sensor will be your ideal choice for these applications and beyond. Also our infrared sensor comes with a feature that you can adjust its detection range and reaction time upon your specific requirement.Detection range between 4-12cm is adjustable while 1-25 sec time delay setting achievable.You may make suitable adjustment based on the requirement on scene.All components we use in our infrared sensor are premium, they have been through a test for 100000 times operation.

Our infrared sensor will be perfect match of Automatic Door Operator, featuring with high-level sensitive, which we usually equip it with our Automatic Door Operator to achieve contactless access permission.It usually works with automatic door devices from various brands.Its responsiveness is quick and accurate while its  anti-interference capacity by microwave is outstanding, making it work normally even there is microwave interference.The impressive performance in different fields help our infrared sensor be adopted in application of commercial buildings, industry areas and some places with high standard of automation.Such as office buildings, convenience stores, banks, factories, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, labs, hospitals or health centers etc. In above scenarios, we will recommend you that it will be your ideal choice to install our infrared sensor and Automatic Door Operator together, taking advantages of automation.