Electromagnetic Door Holders

Electromagnetic Door Holders are widely used in escape channel which play an essential role to assist evacuate people in building to a safe area.Under some cases,fire accident happens in a building,the prior item is to evacuate the people working or living in the building to assure their safety and property secure.Therefore,maintainers will be asked to take relative responsibilities to check and confirm if there is any obstacles blocking escape channel.In our production line,you will find our premium Electromagnetic Door Holders,which will be better help you make it closed upon to fire control requirements.There are two type of Electromagnetic Door Holders in our product list.Floor mount electromagnetic door holder and wall mount electromagnetic door holder.

In our instruction of installation,you can choose floor mount electromagnetic door holder which will be mounted on floor,then you could mount armature plate on appropriate place on door.If working normally,armature plate and door holder should be sucking together to keep fireproof door closed.Whilst you opt to wall mount Electromagnetic Door Holders,you require to mount the door holders on wall with armature plate on door as well.You could select any kind of door holder to match your current requirement.

You may notice that there is a red button on the top of our Electromagnetic Door Holders.In some scenes,fireproof door opens that door holder holds the door.if you want to make it closed again,then you can push the red button,armature plate and door holder will separate achieving your aim to keep fireproof door closed.Besides,our Electromagnetic Door Holders adopt low-consume power design,which is more environmentally friendly and durable.It comes with feature of anti-residual magnetism.

When power is cut off during a fire,door holder will release armature plate immediately to close fireproof door creating a safe channel for people blocked to evacuate to a safe place.Our Electromagnetic Door Holders have build-in anti-reversible current unit,making it avoid damage from short circuit.