Automatic Door Operator

Automation is a trend in various perspectives in our life.Then you will not be surprised when you see some automatic electronic devices being utilized in office buildings,restaurants,banks,factories,hotels,shopping malls,labs,hospitals or health care centers etc.Those automatic electronic devices can be connected with our access control for security management and they bring great convenience to the majority,especially for the disable.Some of the disable can’t access the passage or get into an elevator,then automatic device will be needed.They just require to push a button to get help from those electronic devices or call any staff who is standby for helping the disable.In our production line,we have Automatic Door Operator for your option,which may greatly help you solve these issues.

Among those automatic electronic devices,we manufacture Automatic Door Operator to assist those people who are in difficulties to access the passage.Most of time,our Automatic Door Operator works with a sensor to detect if some one is trying to access the channel and help open the door for him/her.No need to touch any release button or place a card onto a keypad to get access permission.During COVID-19 period,our Automatic Door Operator becomes popular in most countries,which allows your contactless access, dramatically reduces the risk of getting infected by COVID-19.Along with our production line,we manufacture two versions of Automatic Door Operator,one for push arm while another is pull arm,they aren’t interchangeable.Based on your certain requirement to select a suitable version for your access control management.

Some one may wonder what the differences between our Automatic Door Operator and door closer.Actually,door closer is just a mechanical device,doesn’t need any electricity to energize it,the only function is to keep door closed after each open.But if you look at our Automatic Door Operator,you will find that it is an electronic device that make door open for your purpose.It will be a tool to create convenience for you when you intend to get through the door without touching any device including release button,keypad etc.