800Lbs Magnetic Lock

One of our popular magnetic lock series is 800Lbs Magnetic Lock. You may see it in some scenarios,such as medium-size door and large-size door etc.It will fulfill your requirement of trusted magnetic lock which can be utilized on bigger-size door,even metal door,glass door,wooden door.You may find it a perfect choice of these doors with great performance.Usually there is no mechanical failure during its application.Our 800Lbs Magnetic Lock comes with a default of 12V or 24V switching,you can adjust it based on your current requirement.In some project,engineer will ask their electronic device to run under 12V,whilst some for 24V.Then our 800Lbs Magnetic Lock will be a perfect match for such kind of scenario.Different options are represented on the table.


Moreover,our 800Lbs Magnetic Lock comes with fantastic holding force performance,which will excel other magnetic locks’ from our competitors.In our magnetic lock series,you can find that there are waterproof magnetic locks,mortised magnetic locks,surface mounted magnetic locks,double-signal magnetic locks,time-delay magnetic locks etc.In some application,engineer will ask for their devices to be waterproof,in this case,you could turn to our waterproof feature 800Lbs Magnetic Lock,which comes with waterproof level of IP-68,perfectly working in an open air environment,even for outdoor use.

In some case,mortised magnetic locks are being applied,before install it,worker requires to drill a hole based on template provided in our product kit in a hollow door.Our mortised magnetic locks will be often seen under these circumstances.And for other projects,surface mounted magnetic lock is being asked for application.Thus we have such magnetic locks and relative brackets for usage.

We can see some other scenarios that they need door signal feedback and lock signal feedback through a same magnetic lock.Under this case,you can find our dual-signal-output magnetic lock.What’s more,some engineers on scene will require a magnetic lock with time delay setting being utilized.Therefore,our 800Lbs Magnetic Lock fulfill your most requirements of magnetic locks.