600Lbs Magnetic Lock

YLI Electronic is a leading manufacturer of 600Lbs Magnetic Lock in China. At the same time,magnetic lock is a type of popular product in security market,which is widely utilized in residential area,airport,shopping mall etc.The 600Lbs Magnetic Lock from YLI have been certified by CE,UL,FCC ROHS, EN1634, ISO9001,MA etc.Our certificates are authorized by official authorized organizations,which you can track our certification on relative websites.

It comes with anti-residual magnetism feature,which can avoid some residual magnetism existing after unlocks the door.You will not encounter such kind of scenario if you use our magnetic lock.We strictly follow the rule of raw material of magnetic lock during our production of magnetic lock. Waterproof feature material will be used while high-strength alloy material is utilized as aluminum housing of our 600Lbs Magnetic Lock.Besides,our magnetic lock will be processed by anodization, which makes our magnetic lock comes with a more stable feature when exposes it into an open air environment filled with certain proportion of acid etc,getting it away from being eroded.Unlike other type of mechanical lock in the market,there won’t be any mechanical failure of our magnetic locks,which is powered by electricity, follows the principal of magnetism suction.During the working mode,magnetic lock is holding our armature plate by magnetism, when it is out of power,then these two parts will separate,no mechanical failure exists.

When making comparison with other magnetic locks from different brands,you will find that YLI 600Lbs Magnetic Lock get an outstanding performance in holding force.YLI Electronic is the only one manufacturer in China who assures its claim of 280kgs holding force of 600Lbs Magnetic Lock, tested by tension test.Most of exhibition attendees visiting our security fair booth get an impressive idea of our excellent holding force test performance of our 600Lbs Magnetic Lock.For any scenario of magnetic lock application,you may come up an idea of YLI Electronic.We here are for your prior choice.