1500Lbs Magnetic Lock

There is 1500Lbs Magnetic Lock series in our production line.Mostly,we utilize it on super heavy-duty door.You may not find this series of magnetic lock in other magnetic lock manufacturer’s product list.YLI Electronic is one of the top heavy-duty magnetic lock manufacturer in China.Some of them come with 1500lbs holding force,which has been tested by tension machine from various brands.If you intend to visit our factory,then we could display the whole process for practice.Many projects of heavy-door application require 1500lbs or above holding force magnetic lock to being used on scene.Our 1500Lbs Magnetic Lock comes with 100% full holding force,which differs it from other magnetic lock of other manufacturers’.Our 1500Lbs Magnetic Lock will be your ideal choice of heavy-duty door magnetic lock application.

Our aim for 1500Lbs Magnetic Lock focus on super heavy-duty metal door,solid-wooden door,fireproof door etc.In these scenarios,you may find other light-duty magnetic lock can not fulfill your security requirement.The holding force play an important role in securing your safety based on heavy duty door.If lacks of strong enough holding force,it loses function to fully protect your safety while emergency happens or other cases that threatened factors appears.

In installation,our 1500Lbs Magnetic Lock is fixed on the top of door frame while armature plate is fixed on door leaf.During installation,you have to follow some certain rules.If our 1500Lbs Magnetic Lock isn’t installed properly,which will greatly affect its power of keeping you safe and it may comes with some incidents that you don’t expect it happens.Therefore,you require to adhere any rules strictly on our manual.In the kit of each product,you will find some necessary accessories assisting your installation job and our template in kit will be an useful tool to locate when you should drill a hole.Videos for training you how to install it should be found on our official website.