1200Lbs Magnetic Lock

YLI Electronic is one of the manufacturer in China which produces 1200Lbs Magnetic Lock.This type of magnetic lock will match your requirement on heavy-duty door.Apart from other light-duty door,you could accept some lower holding force magnetic lock,which won’t affect any function during operation.But if you are going to use a magnetic lock on a heavy-duty door,YLI Electronic 1200Lbs Magnetic Lock will be your ideal option,which comes with 1200lbs holding force keeping your security being assured.

From our production line,you could see various magnetic locks of our 1200Lbs Magnetic Lock,such as signal-output magnetic lock,time-delay-setting magnetic lock,built-in buzzer magnetic lock,mortised magnetic lock,waterproof magnetic lock etc.Most projects require magnetic lock to features signal output.Under this case,you can opt to our signal output magnetic lock,which comes with lock signal output or dual signal output(door status feedback and lock status feedback).These signal feedback will be connected and uploaded to your current access control system,in which you can monitor relative information and get suitable solutions for your security requirement.In some cases,magnetic lock with time-delay-setting is being required based on rules of some scenarios.Under such circumstance,our magnetic lock will be your first choice due to its high quality and durable feature.When you install our magnetic lock in bank or other security area,our build-in buzzer magnetic lock should be option for you.If some break into some area under security guarded,not allowing any unauthorized individual for entering,alarm of our build-in buzzer magnetic lock will be triggered,you could hear a sound buzzer keeping buzzing until you solve the potential threat.Thus,our build-in buzzer magnetic lock should be your ideal product in such kind of scenario.Also,if you want to have magnetic lock used outdoors,our waterproof magnetic lock coming with IP-68 should be considered.

There is no residual magnetism during our 1200Lbs Magnetic Lock operation.Its working mode follows rules of magnetism.Besides,our 1200Lbs Magnetic Lock is dual-insulated in production.They are certified by CE UL FCC ROHS ISO PCT MA etc.Quality assurance is one of our claim.